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A Message from ADA Practice Transitions

Posted by Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADA Advisor on 3/18/20 10:06 AM

We want to reach out to let you know that we at ADA Practice Transitions are here to support you in any way possible during this crisis.

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5 Tips to Find the Right Dental Associateship for You

Posted by Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADA Advisor on 3/5/20 1:05 PM

Whether you are looking for your first dental job or ready to move on, associateships are on your mind. But what type of practice is just right for you? What should you look for? What should you watch out for?

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This Week Only: Sign Up for a Free 3-Month Trial of ADA Practice Transitions

Posted by Bree Simmers on 2/24/20 8:30 AM

ADA Practice Transitions will find you the right practice or dentist to help you take the next step in your dental career.

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Build Your Dental Dream Home

Posted by Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADA Advisor on 2/20/20 3:04 PM

Through ADA Practice Transitions, I work with many dentists who are looking to buy a dental practice. While it is tempting to search for the “perfect practice,” I ask dentists to keep an open mind and find a practice with a great foundation – one that you can transform into your very own dental dream home.

Just like with homeownership, you have two basic choices when it comes to dental practice ownership. You can build it new, or you can buy an existing practice. The reality is that it is often financially advantageous to find a practice – a fixer-upper, if you will – that you can adapt to fit your vision.

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What Went Wrong: The Practice Wasn’t Ready for an Associate

Posted by Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADA Advisor on 2/12/20 12:43 PM

Dental practices can grow slowly over several years – then suddenly reach a tipping point where an owner feels they need to hire an associate ASAP. But it is important to prepare the practice before hiring anyone.

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Transition Tales: 5 Lessons on the Cross-Country Journey to a Unicorn Practice

Posted by Bree Simmers on 2/4/20 9:00 AM

This is part of the Transition Tales & Truths series in which we discuss practice transitions with real dentists.

Patience is a virtue when trying to find the ideal practice. However, it is important that you use the waiting time to prepare for your next steps.

That was Dr. Jim’s message to his dental colleagues when he got in touch with ADA Practice Transitions to share his story.

Dr. Jim and his wife, Pam (names changed at their request), worked together as a team to navigate the practice transitions process. Over six years and a variety of experiences, they refined their idea of the “perfect practice” and wanted to share their lessons with other young dentists ready to forge a path.

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What Went Wrong: My Path to Retirement Got Way Too Bumpy

Posted by Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADA Advisor on 1/29/20 9:00 AM

This is part of the “What Went Wrong Wednesdays” series, in which we explore common problems of practice transitions – and offer tips to help you avoid them.


Retirement should be a well thought-out event that you take ownership of. To truly take control of your future, retirement planning should start years – even decades – before you anticipate finishing your career.

Here are two scenarios that illustrate what happened when a doctor did not completely think through their exit plans, along with suggestions to help you avoid the same fate.

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Topics: retiring, selling a practice, what went wrong

Practice Profile: Fun Urban Practice, Small-Town Feel

Posted by Bree Simmers on 1/23/20 8:15 AM

Welcome to Practice Profiles, an occasional series that showcases some of the practices of ADA Practice Transitions participants. See one that intrigues you? Create your ADAPT profile today!

Looking for a practice in a prime urban location with a small-town feel?

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Should You Take the Money? The True Cost of a Signing Bonus

Posted by Bill Robinson, ADAPT President & CEO on 1/20/20 9:27 AM

If you ask a dentist about “corporate dentistry,” you may get a strong reaction. Opinions range from “corporate dentistry is destroying the profession” to “corporate dentistry is ideal – it allows a dentist to focus on dentistry rather than running a business,” with many flavors in between.

In particular, I have heard a number of established dentists lament how many new graduates choose the corporate dentistry route for their first job. Whenever I encounter someone who is disappointed with a new graduate’s choice outside of independent dentistry, I often have the following conversation:

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Resolve to Start a Successful Practice Transition in 2020

Posted by Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADA Advisor on 1/13/20 9:15 AM

Happy New Year! Many people look at the new year (or new decade) as a time to make changes. If the fresh calendar has you thinking about your own dental practice transition, review my lessons learned in 2019 and then read on for tips to make 2020 your year.

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